NASA’s Apollo 13 mission was one of the space agency’s missions, in which it tried to land on the Moon. However, a major malfunction blew it of course and might have caused the untimely demise of its three-man crew. But, constant effort from the agency and the flight crew brought everyone back safely.

At the time, the crew was able to use the Moon’s gravity to slingshot the spacecraft around and back to Earth. The mission did not end up as planned, with no-one from the crew setting foot on the Moon, however, it did end up providing the crew with a close-up look at the celestial body.

Now, NASA with the help of the high-resolution camera onboard the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter has been able to recreate the full Apollo 13 trip around the Moon in 4K resolution. The video has a length of 2 minutes 24 seconds and has been posted on the official YouTube channel of NASA Goddard.

Source: Indian Express

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